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If you want creative packaging and promotional materials that get the retailer and consumers attention and help maximize your sales, DGI has your answers. Whether you’re launching a new product or simply updating the existing look and feel of your packaging or point of purchase campaign, our artists offers a full range of graphic design services. We take things from concept to solution in a variety of mediums and styles to help you meet your packaging objectives.


Our design experts know what’s needed to get retailers to place your product in the best slot and what will motivate consumers to purchase.

Clamshell Packaging:


Clamshell packaging is designed to contain heavier or bulky products and can be produced with varying thickness of plastic. Clamshells are reusable and can be made to open and close easily or be permanently closed by use of RF (radio frequency) sealing. RF sealing of packaging is a process used to deter theft or tampering. Clamshell packaging may be displayed in a stand-alone environment or as an item hung from a display rack. This type of plastic packaging generally provides a three-sided view of the product.


Key Benefits:

1) Supports heavier products
2) Versatile display options
3) Theft deterrent

Food Label Packaging:


Never under estimate the power of great packaging design. It has to do more than just look beautiful to be successful. At DGI, the graphics we create not only sell and protect the product, they will also facilitate the use of your product. Our packaging design concepts grab the consumers attention as well as conveying important product and regulatory information. Using modern and fresh graphics with carefully designed structures, our packaging design concepts are designed for today’s marketplace with tomorrow in mind.

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